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How Vitalikor Pioneered Natural Male Enhancement

How has Vitalikor fast acting and daily maintenance pioneered natural male enhancement?

The market of male enhancement products has been flooded with huge number of products for many years now, but hardly any of them deliver what they promise. The main need for the male enhancement supplements is to lead a healthy sex life and have increased endurance in the bed. These products promise to be natural and exclaim that they have been produced after years of scientific research and development. One such product is Vitalikor fast acting and daily maintenance supplement and for a change this one delivers most of what it promises. Let us take a look at some major reasons that have made this a pioneer product.

Male Enhancement

Male Enhancement

  1. Reputed stable:

The product comes from the renowned stable of Vitalikor which has received a positive customer feedback over the years. It comes in the form of a pill and according to many it shows great affect if used correctly and patiently but still there are a few contradictory views which fail to outshine the positives.

Vitalikor guarantees that its products have the perfect blend of natural ingredients which includes some major nutrients and herbs. But since the blend is natural is does not guarantee immediate effects and according to Vitalikor the positive effects will occur only after using it regularly for a few months. The company promises that with time the effect will only improve.

  1. Ingredients:

As proclaimed by the company, Vitalikor fast acting and daily maintenance pills are made of a perfect blend of natural nutrients and herbs. Some of the major ingredients are as follows:

  • Semen Ziziphi: Used for increasing stamina, calming the anxiety and maintaining the correct balance of fluids in body.
  • Herba Epimedii: It is one of the most important components as it helps in the relaxation of muscles by production of nitrous oxide, helps in firm and strong erections during sexual intercourse by maintaining proper penile blood pressure.
  • Flos Caryophyll: It boosts the stamina of the body and as one of its special features it helps fight against impotency.
  • Fructus Foeniculi: It increases the blood circulation in the body and hence keeps you fit and active at all times during the intercourse.
  • Cortex Connamomi: It helps in maintaining longer lasting strong erections by increasing blood flow.
  • Radix Puerariae Lobatae: It helps in preventing headaches which may be caused due to increased effort and stress on the body.


  1. Results:

The results are a sure sign of how successful a product becomes in the near future. Some major results obtained by the use of this product by various consumers are as follows:

  • Better sexual relationship.
  • Strong, hard, firm and longer lasting erection.
  • Boosts self confidence of a man.
  • Improvement in blood circulation in the lower part of the body.
  • Increases performance and stamina for better endurance in the bed.
  • Fulfillment of sexual pleasure.
  • Better and positive increase in sex drive.

Hence, we can see that Vitalikor Fast Acting and Vitalikor Daily Maintenance are the best and most trusted products in the category of natural male enhancement supplements.


  1. I have a question. Do you still stock vitalikor Lot # M50Q with these active ingredients: Active Ingredients:
    1. vitaliKoR a proprietary blend of:,**,480.00 mg_
    2. Fructus Lycii, **, _
    3. Rhizoma Polygonati, **, _
    4. Semen Ziziphi Spinosae, **, _
    5. Flos Caryophylli, **, _
    6. Cortex Cinnamomi, **, _
    7. Semen Allii Toberosi, **, _
    8. Fructus Foeniculi, **, _
    9. Rhizome Dioscoraea, **, _
    10. Poria, **, _
    11. Radix Puerariae Lobatae, **, _
    12. Semen Sesami Nigrum, **, _
    13. Herba Epimedii, **, _
    14. Rhizoma Curcurligimis, **, _
    15. Radis Rehmanniae, **,
    This is this most effective vitalikor I have ever used. It produces amazing effects 2 hours after taking and lasts over 24 hours. Do you still make it and Where can I find it? Or has this been replaced with other vitalikor products, like the fast acting. I also have used fast acting, but it is not as effective. Please respond by replying to Thanks

    1. Sorry that lot is not in circulation anymore. We do though have our current Vitalikor Fast Acting for sale online through our web store and also in Walmart nationwide.

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