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“Works as well as prescrition drugs but much cheaper. You will love this product! You must try and see for yourself.”

Oxford, CT

“I bought this on the way home Friday night, as I had a nice 3 day weekend planned with the Mrs. I was a skeptic of Vitalikor prior to taking it, as I felt I didn’t need to take anything, but this stuff gives you an edge like only the rx can give you. 2 pills that evening and about 3 hours later, I was ready to go, and go, and go.”


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“I liked it! In retrospect, I should have had lots and lots of water with the single pill becasue it did upset my stomache but, I must say, that it worked, and the effect lasted until the next day!”

Boston, MA

“Works very well with no side affects!”

New York, NY

“As a 21 year-old athletic male, I wanted to find a supplement that would make me last longer, be better, and best of all, shorten ‘recovery time’. I didn’t necessarily need it, but I figured if a supplement like this exists, then why not! I’ve tried almost every single other sort of ‘male enhancement’ product that exists. Viagra, Levitra (both of which worked awesomely), all of your gas station pills (like enzyte, libigrow, rock hard weekend, etc., even clinical solutions such as bremelanotide (PT-141) and melanotan.

The Vitalikor pills are right up there in terms of effectiveness as the rx’s are. They last almost twice as long as viagra, with fewer side effects and better quality erections. I would compare Vitalikor to 20mg of Levitra, but without the side effects. I can take 2 pills 2 hours before, and have an erection if the wind blows the right way. and it stays that way for about 10-12 hours. This stuff does the trick unlike any non-rx I’ve ever seen. Make sure you don’t take more than the recommended dosages. It works.

I haven’t taken the daily maintenance yet, but I may try it out in the next few weeks to see if it really compliments it well.

On a larger dose, you do get a little bit of a headache and runny nose, but not nearly as bad as rx’s. And also, make sure to stay hydrated! there’s no diuretics or anything in this product, but it will make you thirsty.

I’d highly recommend going to get a bottle of Vitalikor if you’re looking for an actually effective male enhancement product.”

Boston, MA

“I was looking at some of these kind of products and came across this based on its good reviews on the GNC website.

I used this product as directed, 2 hours before activity with water. It does not matter if you eat it with food or no food. It worked well and makes you really ready for sexual activity almost all the time. Even after the sex is done, you can be hard again almost after 10 minutesand for a while. I combined this with a ring, which you can find at a sex toy shop, for a larger rock hard and prolonged erection. This would definitely restore any confidence issues or soft erections or issues with lasting a long time.

First time, I had a headache 3 hours later, it was a sharp headache. Advil fixed that and I was able to go to sleep. Second time, no headache. Third time, I had a slight headache. The first and third time, I had some alcohol in my system.

Hope this helps. This product is totally worth it.”


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“I tried this out for the first time the day before yesterday. I took one pill to see how I would react. I took it at about 7:30pm after having dinner. I began feeling the dry mouth at around 10 and by 11, I was rock hard. I didn’t tell my wife as I was only testing it. Needless to say, I didn’t sleep well. It did not go limp for about four hours.

During our New Year’s party last night, I took two pills at 10pm. We left the party at 15 after midnight and got to the hotel about 10 minutes later. I was already rock hard and ready to go so as soon as we got to our room, the clothes came off and we started what ended up being an almost three hour session. I’ll add that we also had two bottles of Champagne along other drinks that night so the alcohol and absolutely no effect on the potency or performance of the product.

We finally went to sleep at around 3:45am after I had ejaculated but when we woke up again at 8, I was ready to go…again, rock hard and ready for round two. My wife was speechless last night/this morning and for the first time, she came three times to my one. I can honestly say that even in my younger years, I never performed this well.”

Livermore, CA

“This product works well and fast. Prescription med gave me too many side effects (upset stomach, headache, nausea, and stuffy nose. With this stuff I only experienced stuffy nose and red eyes. I am 145 lbs so I only took one capsule instead of two, which is the dosage instructed on the bottle/box. I also felt the residual effects the next day. This product is highly recommended. Will definitely continue using this.”

Los Angeles

“I am a 40 year old male and what I have to say about VitaliKor is “Boom… Boom… Pow…Wow! After many years in search of a product that would allow me to have the vitality I had in my younger years, I can finally say “I found it”. Yes, I have tried all of the major brand names in the market and some of them were fairly good. However, from the first time I took VitaliKor, I knew that I found what I was looking for to improve my sex life. It is amazing!”

Wyomissing, PA

“As a wife of 22 years, we were looking for a little “pick me up” to help out. Was skeptical about trying an over the counter product but after reading the reviews, thought we’d give it a try. And we are soooo happy that we did! Finally an over the counter product that does what it says. Only requires 1-2 pills every couple days and since we were worried about a headache from previous reviews, he took Advil before the pills. It’s been an amazing couple of weeks. I look forward to going to work just so I can get some rest……it’s a nice problem to have though :)

No Ho, CA

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“I am 55 yrs old and take pills for high blood pressure which has an very negative effect on my erection. Currently it is nearly impossible to have sex without male enhancement pills. I tried many, some works for me and some don’t. I recently ordered my regular pills (Firminite) from a internet retailer. I’ve had good success with them. However, this time I couldn’t wait for them to come in the mail and thought I’d check out GNC because they are only a few miles from my house. I read about Vitalikor on GNC’c website and thought I would give them a try. I have to say I was impressed with the results. It kicked in after an hour and after 2 hours I had the full effect, a very responsive, rock hard erection. It held up very well during prolong sex. After ejaculation, 30 minutes I was ready to go at it again. This is a good product. I could probably get by with just 1 pill rather than 2. Because of the price and effectiveness, I will probably become a regular customer. However, I did have a slight head ache, so slight that it was insignificant. Give it a try. Good luck!”


“Don’t usually leave comments but, think men with erection issues, that are looking for a natural product, that is affordable should give this a try! I’m 43 and have been less then happy with sexual performance the past several years. I took this product 2hr before sex and had the best sex we’ve had in years! Been happily married for 23yrs and I have not seen my wife that satisfied since we were first married!”


“Needed a little extra help keeping the pole stiff like it used to be when I was 18-30. Looked around and tried a few products, nothing to write home about until this one. I hit the jackpot, it works fast. Followed instructions, first session I thought I was 18 again with stamina and staying power, 2am ready for session two just as hard as the first session, 6am 3rd session still hard as steel with staying power and stamina. Only drawback was a mild to nagging headache that lasted about two hours. Just remember 1-2 hours before sex and not everyday. After climax it does relax until you are ready to go again, so you don’t have to worry about walking around with a continuous erection.”

Flint, MI

“I used the product as recommended very very very impressed on the results ,great erection real quick and lasting. Matter of fact
days later without taking another capsule it was real easy to get another erection WOW.
Great product.”

High Desert, Ca

“I’m all but 65 and still like having sex with my wife. Needless to say I needed some help for my unit.This stuff is wild .They say take two pills I took one glad I did. I had a rapid heartbeat scares you at first over came that thrill. It works superbly I woke up with morning wood it felt great if you know what I mean. Made my unit very sensitive any little movement got results. Handle with care.”

Pequea, PA

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“I just started to use this stuff and it gives me extra boost and stamina especially, longer duration before reaching climax. I couldn’t imagine the hardness that i have even after….”

Jersey City, NJ

“I would like to state up front: I am not a shill or someone associated with the product. I am an average guy, 43 years old, who didn’t want to go to the Dr. for the little blue pill.

I was highly skeptical about this product and any of its competitors. I came here to read the reviews and do some research. After reading a ton of info, I decided to suck it up and buy it. I took it about 90 minutes before sex and it performed exactly as described. I could not be happier with the results! Like others here, I woke up with rock hard morning wood.

I did experience a headache about 5-6 hours after taking, but it did go away after taking some ibuprofen.

If you are evaluating this product or others like it, don’t waste anymore time and buy this today!”

Sacramento, CA

“I took the product as recommended and the sex was great and lasted longer than usual. So it did the trick. However, afterward my face was really flush for about 30 min. which was a little uncomfortable. All in all, it was not bad.”

Dallas, TX

Having tried the stuff that Smilin’ Bob represents on TV and not getting ANY results, I decided to look into other options. Since I trust GNC and their products (even though they sell Smilin’ Bobs stuff), I looked at some of the other products they have to offer. I was really impressed at the comments about vitaliKoR and decided to give it a whirl. All I can say is that vitaliKoR REALLY WORKS!! About 2 hours after taking it I was ready for action!! I was amazed! Not only did it work that night, it kept working for the next couple of days!! My girlfriend was smiling from ear to ear for 3 three days!

Outside of the fact that it’s a little expensive for only getting 40 pills, the fact that it works GREAT, acts very quickly, and last for up to 72 hours, makes it a bargain! I recommend vitaliKoR to any and all who read this review!!

Tucson, AZ

“This product seems to do what it says. I was very pleased with the results & will continue to use.”

Fresno, Ca

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“I normally do not talk about my personal life. I am overweight and 43 years old, I’m a little embarrased to discuss but this product works so well I want men that are having the same problem to go get this product. My wife says my GIRTH AND LENGTH size is a “hit or miss” sometimes i get a strong erection and others not so strong. I was feeling a little depressed about my sex life. One day I was on the “net” buying my vitamins and I ran across this product, I have prescription ED medicine but the side effects are terrible eye site problems, hearing problems and monster headaches so i stopped using them. Well anyway to make a long story bareable, I tried Vitalkor and “wow” it works much better than the prescription meds. The 1st day I tried it we had sex 4 times in one day. My wife went nutts, she rates my size from a 1-10 when we have sex because it allows me to know if I performed well. I am here to tell anybody that has had my issues this stuff works my wife can’t get enough we are having better and more sex than we have in years at least twice a day. She rates me a 9 or 10 each time and most times she makes me back down because she has had more than enough of “BIG DADDY”. The best part is that I feel “alive” stonger and my sexual depression is gone. One more thing the oral sex is unbelivable she says she has to have oral sex with me everytime. She keeps wondering why the huge change…. I will never tell…)))) did I mention she is 10 years younger than me.”

Dallas, TX

“I’m a 43 year old man and haven’t had that rock hard feeling for a while now. Wanted to get a little boost without going the perscription drug route. Found this product online and researched it. Decided to give it a try. I took two pills on the way home and a couple of hours later…PAYOFF!!! Rock Hard all night. The next morning…Morning Wood like I had at 18. I have to admit that I really didn’t think the stuff would work but it did…Boy did it work were like rabbits again…GREAT PRODUCT…ALL NATURAL…WOW. Did have a headache the next day…Whats that about???”

McDonough, GA

“I have taken everything from A to Z. If Viagra were rated a 10 this would be a 9.8. Viagra kicks in quicker for me but Vitalikor last longer than Viagra.

I took 2 pills on Saturday. Took about an hour for effects to kick in fully. Had a Saturday night romp. Sunday morning woke up with straight wood. Effects lasted all day Sunday. Woke up Monday morning with straight wood. Lasted all day Monday. Tuesday woke up half mass. Effects are still there but not as strong Tuesday. So you can say 2 pills kept me in the game 4 days.

The best thing about this is the cost and it contains NO yohimbe. I did not have any jittery feelings, upset stomach or head aches.

This stuff is the real deal.”

Eastern, SC

“I am 37 years young and was falling flat half way through.After doing some reserch found this product and decided to give it a try. Price is right and the effects are unbelieveable hard as a rock all night long and had no lapse for multiple rounds. Experienced no side effects at all”

Chicago, IL

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